Titus 1:2 says, “It is wrong to lie because God cannot lie.” Thus, lying is sin because God is inherently good, and He is incapable of it. This means that God did not discover that lying was wrong, nor did He declare it to be wrong. This means that God does not declare something to be good or say something is inherently good. Put simply, God is the standard of what is good. And so, for the Christian, the Euthyphro dilemma presents no dilemma at all, because neither of its positions represent Christian theology.

A visit to a church in Detroit will inform you that the Euthyphro dilemma has been addressed a long time ago. So why do secularists keep bringing it up? Unfortunately, bad arguments will always find their way back into fashion. As long as you know how to defeat it, then it can’t be used as a weapon against your faith.Read more on this article.


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